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Heather Coda

Heather Coda | Senior Consultant

Heather Coda has over 24 years of experience across marketing research, healthcare marketing and patient experience. She has worked in marketing research for over 16 years on both the client and supplier side, and has marketed pharmaceutical brands, medical provider services and health benefits support over the course of 8 years.

Heather has been moderating qualitative research for 5 years, and is experienced with depth interviews (IDIs and TDIs), focus and mini groups, ethnographic research and user experience (UX) studies. Heather has a keen attention to detail as well as an ability to get respondents to open up and share their attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. She is skilled at interviewing specialist and generalist physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers across a wide range of therapeutic areas and on behalf of various types of healthcare organizations.

Heather has been part of Fortune 500 companies including AstraZeneca, Walgreens and Pfizer / Wyeth, as well as smaller healthcare start-ups. She has been a member of both large and smaller brand teams, designing and conducting research to discover insights particularly in regard to new healthcare products and services, and using those insights to build brands through memorable, award-winning communications and revenue-driving programs and tools.

Heather has an MBA from Villanova, and a BA in Economics and Sociology from the University of Richmond, and is a member of the QRCA serving on the Philadelphia Chapter Leadership Team and the national Membership Committee.

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