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Dave Gustafson

C. David Gustafson | Principal

Dave Gustafson has over 30 years of experience in healthcare marketing research, including almost 29 years in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to starting D. Gustafson & Associates, LLC (DGA), a boutique global marketing research firm, in March of 2006, Dave ran the research division for PharmaStrat, a managed markets firm, and he was a leading performer at V2 (now part of GfK), where he honed his moderation skills.

Dave is known and highly regarded for his insightful probing and his ability to quickly establish rapport with respondents, as well as his creative ways of presenting data and use of "mother slides" in his reports. Clients value partnering with Dave for his ability to cull strategic insights from research and provide creative solutions.

As a qualitative moderator for the last 16 years, Dave has personally conducted more than 400 qualitative research studies in more than 120 therapeutic categories.

Dave has conducted interviews across the gamut of stakeholders, including KOLs; physicians; MCO medical directors, pharmacy directors and quality directors; retail and specialty pharmacists; hospital-based pharmacy directors, administrators and medical directors; nurses; patients and caregivers; and C-suite executives and Fortune 500 benefits administrators.

Dave has been a guest lecturer for several semesters at the Rutgers MBA program, where he has led discussions and role-playing exercises on how to moderate interviews with physicians, patients, caregivers, etc. Dave has also created an evolutionary market research methodology, Alamar, which has been successfully piloted.

Dave has facilitated dozens of advisory boards / steering committees. He has also conducted several univariate quantitative projects, including message recall studies, landscape assessments and ATUs. Dave has managed and moderated online bulletin boards.

Dave has an MBA in Marketing / International Business from Carnegie-Mellon University and a BA in Economics from Gettysburg College. 

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