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Debbie Gustafson

Debbie Gustafson | Co-Founder and Partner

Debbie Gustafson co-founded DGA with Dave and has been a key contributor and strategic partner to DGA, working closely with Dave to position DGA as a sought-after marketing research firm since its inception.

Debbie has been a career HR professional for more than 25 years and has served in a variety of roles and functions in the HR consulting field while at various companies including PWC and Mercer. She also served as the Executive Director for a start-up, non-profit organization that received national recognition. Debbie is responsible for HR-related functions including benefits administration, compensation programs, employee relations and payroll administration.

Debbie has successfully leveraged her HR experience to become not only a valued strategic partner in the operations of DGA, but also an effective senior consultant and collaborator with clients at both DGA and our digital division. She has been the primary report writer and moderator on multiple projects crossing a wide range of industries and categories in the pharmaceutical and consumer research spaces. Debbie thrives on performing moderation and project management of online communities and online bulletin boards, using her skills to boost engagement and uncover meaningful insights relevant to our clients' research.

Debbie wears many hats at DGA in addition to co-founder, strategic partner and administrator to include serving as a Senior Consultant and an Insights & Intelligence Project Leader. In these roles, Debbie shows her passion for "reading between the lines" of patient, doctor, and consumer feedback to uncover meaningful insights relevant to the clients' research, business and marketing objectives. Her innate curiosity to understand what makes people think and feel, and her ability to create empathic rapport with others in a quick and seamless manner make Debbie an effective moderator and consultant.

Debbie graduated with a MBA in Operations/Human Resources Management from the University of Pittsburgh and she has a BA in Economics and Marketing from Gettysburg College, where she was Salutatorian and a member of Phi Beta Kappa.


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