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We conduct a full array of market research and related services.

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+ Qualitative Research

Our pedigree as a research firm centers on qualitative research. We employ both traditional and cutting-edge techniques to yield only the most actionable insights.

+ Quantitative Research

We conduct univariate qualitative research internally, and leverage our collaborative partner relationships when multivariate techniques are required.

+ Insights Communities

We provide insights communities for consumer-oriented applications as diverse as what product development concepts are most appealing to chocolate lovers, to how a rising high school junior selects a college. We can leverage our relationships with platform providers to create either a short-term (less than a year) or long-term community.

+ Advisory Boards

DGA has conducted a dozen advisory boards consisting of either physicians/KOLs or MCO medical/pharmacy directors. These ad boards/steering committee meetings occur either in person at convention center conference rooms or via online platforms.

+ Consumer Research

We have conducted a variety of research initiatives for CPG companies, automobile manufacturers, financial services companies and miscellaneous consumer-based organizations. The nature of these projects varies by research intent, which could consist of qualitative research to assist with an advertising pitch by an agency of record, to a quantitative survey to assess which potential home mortgage products are of greatest appeal to prospective home purchasers.

+ Education Series

DGA has taught external marketing research professionals how to moderate and how to recruit and manage payer-based projects. DGA is actively developing curricula in the areas of report writing, how to effectively conduct international research, and how to leverage the use of digital media. These courses are applicable to both collaborative partners and end clients.