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We are committed to providing consultative and collaborative marketing research solutions to our clients by applying our proven research excellence to develop strategic insights

D. Gustafson & Associates

DGA was founded in 2006 by Dave Gustafson, who was interested in leveraging his pharmaceutical industry pedigree to create a high-end boutique market research firm focused on domestic and global qualitative research. Through direct, end client relationships and more than three dozen collaborative partners, DGA has worked with every “Top 20” pharmaceutical / biotech company, as well as with leading medical device firms. 

About Our Clients

DGA works directly with pharmaceutical manufacturers, consulting firms in the healthcare arena, and advertising agencies. Our relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers have been cultivated based on our pharmaceutical / healthcare industry experience over the last 25 years. We also have collaborative partner relationships which are leveraged when other market research clients have capacity constraints.  

Healthcare- and consumer-based ad agencies have relied on DGA to assist them with concept and visual aid testing research, preparations for pitches to existing / prospective clients, and with idea generation for insights communities and internal market research. Through these relationships, DGA has worked with many leading healthcare and consumer brands.

Our Business Model

DGA utilizes a three-pronged business model made up of independent clients, collaborative partners, and a virtual network.

Independent Clients

Clients with whom DGA has a direct relationship

Collaborative Partners

Relationships DGA has forged with more than two dozen market research firms who have their own client relationships and proprietary techniques; these firms selectively outsource projects to DGA when internal bandwidth is an issue

Virtual Network

Ongoing relationships with former clients/colleagues, some of whom use non-traditional research methodologies (e.g., ethnography, mind mapping)