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We've joined forces with Curtis Analytic Partners

DGA has forged a strategic alliance with Curtis Analytic Partners (CAP), a marketing research and consulting firm working predominantly in healthcare, to leverage our mutual capabilities and innovative techniques, including:

  • Alamar
  • Psychological Construct ModelingSM (PCM)
  • Recall After Detail (ReAD)
Dolores and her team bring a strong array of creative techniques and emotional-based approaches that complement and enhance our client offerings.
— Dave Gustafson, Principal, DGA
We are excited to join our years of experience and tools to provide our clients with truly ‘one-stop shopping’ for all marketing research needs.
— Dolores P. Curtis, Ph.D., President, CAP

About CAP

Since 1991, CAP has operated on the premise that understanding human behavior provides a basis for determining market behavior. For clients, this translates into a better grasp of relevant issues, enhanced study design and a measurable increase to clients' marketing and selling success.

Dolores Curtis, Ph.D. | President

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  • Founded CAP in 1991
  • 25 years in market research
  • Conducts qualitative market research across the gamut of stakeholder audiences; knowledgeable in virtually all areas that touch healthcare
  • Ph.D. in Psychology from Temple University; BSM Combs College of Music

Elisa Spears | Chief Operating Officer

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  • 20 years with CAP
  • In addition to COO financial responsibilities, ensures overall client satisfaction for all areas of  research and consulting
  • Previous roles with CAP have included Communications Coordinator, Field Director, Research Assistant/Moderator
  • B.A. from UNLV; Communication and Marketing Research Majors

Angela Glass | Global Logistics Director

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  • 17 years with CAP
  • Highly creative and effective with challenging recruits to ensure quota and timeline requirements; optimal communicator with senior researchers as well as clients, facilities and recruiters
  • Previously a Facility Manager for Focus Pointe Global for 7 years 
  • Art Institute of Philadelphia 
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