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The Team is Growing!

DGA is proud to welcome Reid Glaze and Natalie Thomas to the firm. Based in Dallas, Reid and Natalie have taken on the role of Insights Consultants for DGA. With backgrounds in market research targeting Millennial / Gen Y consumers, Reid and Natalie both have a focus in social media insights & intelligence and digital brand development. 

Reid Glaze

Reid is a moderator-in-training and currently is an Insights Consultant for DGA. In May 2014, he was hired as an intern for DGA’s sister company, Spych Market Analytics, where he acquired in-depth knowledge in the field of digital marketing and social media insights. After leading a social intelligence project for Spych‘s largest client for over a year, Reid was hired as an Insights Consultant for DGA in July 2015.

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Natalie Thomas

This is Natalie’s first year as an Insights Consultant with DGA. Natalie interned with our sister company, Spych, for a year during her last 2 semesters of college.  Natalie was hired on full-time with DGA after graduation. She has a year of social intelligence experience and has a wide array of digital talents to offer. While her pharmaceutical experience is limited, she’s a veracious learner and enjoys keeping up with business trends and dabbling into all industries. 

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