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Lori Gittleman

Lori Gittleman | Principal Consultant

Lori is a principal consultant with 20 years of experience in healthcare and pharmaceutical market research and consulting that utilizes a comprehensive portfolio of both standard and proprietary methodologies.

As a qualitative researcher and consultant, Lori has a natural, comfortable style that has earned her recognition and trust among clients. Lori easily and instinctively gathers insights from research respondents and clients while always remaining cognizant of how research outcomes and processes will inform business decisions and strategy. She has designed and executed hundreds of qualitative research studies across 75+ therapeutic areas. On the quantitative side, Lori’s understanding of various methodologies and techniques allow her to collaborate on the design, analysis, and reporting for studies with large, and often multiple, audiences.

Lori has deep experience with a wide variety of healthcare stakeholders, including payers, key physician opinion leaders, community and hospital based physicians, nurses, pharmacists, patients, caregivers, public health officials, hospital administrators, and C-suite executives.

Before joining DGA, Lori was most recently Senior Vice President of Market Research and Strategy at Ogilvy CommonHealth Market Access, and a member of that company’s Executive Team. 

Lori's key areas of experience include, market landscape studies, KAP studies, ATU studies, positioning studies, message development and testing, concept/journal ad testing, sales aid testing, brand personality/image studies, insight mining studies, evaluations of target product profiles, and distribution channel studies. She also has experience with value proposition development, strategy development, and Advisory Boards on both brand and corporate levels.

Lori has conceptualized and spearheaded the development of multiple proprietary market research techniques, including a number of qualitative tools rooted in the psychology of personality.

Lori holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania, a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Northwestern University’s J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

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